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A message from Sara Avant Stover about our policies:

Dear Community,

I would like to provide some perspective about our company policy. While you may feel that these terms are unnecessarily strict, they have evolved over my years of offering retreats around the world.

When we plan retreats/trainings, we must sign contracts with retreat centers and pay for a required number of attendees well in advance of your registration/payment in order to secure the kinds of venues our community appreciates.

With refund and late transfer requests, as mentioned above, the funds have already been committed to the specific venue.

If you wish to transfer your registration to someone else (within the available window for this– outlined below), please do not ask us to find someone for you. It is your responsibility to find the replacement.

Because of these circumstances, we ask that you read our Terms & Conditions (outlined below) very carefully, confirm your acceptance of them before proceeding to registration, and then commit to stay in integrity with these terms upon your acceptance.

 If you are concerned about having to cancel your attendance, then please consider protecting your investment by purchasing trip cancellation insurance coverage.

We want you to know that we are sympathetic to your life circumstances, but we cannot make exceptions to these policies. Please know we are extremely grateful for your ongoing interest and support.



All payments are non-refundable, and all payment plans must be paid on time and in full. There are no exceptions to this for any reason. Our refund policy is firm.

In the event that you need to cancel because of unexpected circumstances, and as a general practice, we highly recommend that you protect your investment with travel insurance for your trip.

To purchase travel insurance you can go to www.travelsecure.com or call (800) 873-9855.

Prices do not include airfare, transportation to/from the resort, extra food or beverage, additional activities, or spa treatments. If you’re arriving or departing on days other than the start and end dates, please book your own accommodations for the additional days.

Transfer Policy: Your registration is non-refundable, but fully transferable up until 60 days prior to the course start date. In other words: if you can’t attend, send a girlfriend. You will need to find the replacement. We cannot do this for you.The amount that you have paid to date will be transferred to the new participant. This course is not transferable to a future retreat or training. There is a $250.00 administration fee when a credit is transferred to another person. All requests for transfers must be received in writing to: support@thewayofthehappywoman.com

Chargebacks and Payment Security: To the extent that Client provides Company with Credit-Card(s) information for payment on Client’s account, Company shall be authorized to charge Client’s Credit-Card(s) for any unpaid charges on the dates set forth herein. If client uses a multiple-payment plan to make payments to Company, Company shall be authorized to make all charges at the time they are due and not require separate authorization in order to do so. Client shall not make any chargebacks to Company’s account or cancel the credit card that is provided as security without Company’s prior written consent. Client is responsible for any fees associated with recouping payment on chargebacks and any collection fees associated therewith. Client shall not change any of the credit card information provided to Company without notifying Company in advance.

Liability: I/we agree that The Way of the Happy Woman LLC and its instructors shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or delay. I/we agree to assume all risks associated with the trip and agree that no liability will be attached to The Way of the Happy Woman LLC for any personal injury, illness, delay, loss or damages to property or health. The Way of the Happy Woman LLC reserves the right to change the program schedule if necessary. The Way of the Happy Woman LLC shall not be held liable or responsible for any expenses, including but not limited to lodging, meals, and transportation incurred by delays or other uncontrollable issues outside of our program.

Release: I am aware that I may be included in photographs taken at any Sara Avant Stover or The Way of the Happy Woman event that may be used on www.TheWayoftheHappyWoman.com and associated social media websites.

Your registration confirms your agreement to the following, allowing us to create a safe, strong container for all:

  • We honor periods of essential silence during the training in order to deeply access the fruits of your inner world. If you cannot honor the silence, please do not join us.
  • This is not a yoga vacation. It’s an intensive inner journey, focused around spiritual practice. Yes, we will still have fun! But this also means stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • We will not have “free” days or evenings. If you want to go sightseeing, please book extra time for yourself either before or after the training.
  • By joining this retreat you agree to unplug from all technology (phone, texts, Wifi, emails) for the entire duration of the retreat.
  • Please refrain from all drugs and alcohol throughout the entire retreat.
  • Please attend all sessions with an attitude of open curiosity and flexibility.
  • Please arrive and depart on time (no late arrivals or early departures).



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