Illuminate your practice. Inspire your community

Stop teaching and practicing yoga like a man.

Sisters, we women are exquisitely complex. Galaxies beyond any box. On and off the mat.

When we only practice masculine, linear, drill sergeant-style yoga, we not only miss out on profound healing and transformation — we run roughshod over our precious bodies, and steamroll our feminine wisdom.

Join me for a one-of-a-kind yoga & meditation teacher training: by women, for women, with women.

Bring your reverence and your sacred rebelliousness. Bring your wise longing for something far richer than skin-deep “namastes.” I’ll meet you there, revealing the feminine yin & flow yoga and meditation practices I have honed and devoted myself to for 20 years.

Space is very limited for this intimate and unconventional women’s yoga teacher training and practice intensive. Registration will only be open for 3 weeks this July!

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