Illuminate your practice. Inspire your community.

DECEMBER 1-8, 2018


No amount of willpower can drag you to meditate when you’re spinning out.

For the first three days of your cycle, you practice Häagen-Dazs-asana.
(Is that shameful … or enlightened?)

You love that flowy-glowy yoga bliss …
but it’s hard to reach when you’re so freakin’ tired.

And sometimes you wonder: why should women do yoga like teenage-boy gymnasts, anyway?

Surely there’s a delectably feminine form of yoga & meditation out there, somewhere.

Less bending into pretzels … more transmuting the whole world into chocolate.

Less staring at walls … more belly-dancing through inner barriers.

A lustrous love affair with life that goes beyond sexy leggings and skin-deep namastés.

Your longing isn’t whiney. It’s wise. And it’s urging you to wake up … like a woman.

We women are exquisitely complex. And galaxies beyond any box.

We flux and flow: through cycles and moods, rhythms and phases.

Through internal labyrinths, life-journey obstacle courses, and relationships that twist us like etheric jiu-jitsu.

We women are sovereign and strong … yet infinitely porous and vulnerable.

Our spirituality & our bodies are irreparably entwined.

Is it any wonder that linear, masculine yoga & meditation practices feel a little, uh…stiff?

The Patriarchy exists even the yoga world

Have you noticed? Upwards of 90% of yoga classes are all female.

And yet it’s astonishingly rare to find teachings on how women can enter spiritual practice in ways that support our feminine bodies, hearts, and souls.

Stop doing (& teaching) yoga like a man.

What makes you a woman isn’t a nuisance to override through your practice.

Women’s hearts and cycles are the golden core of our embodied spirituality.

Soft is the new strong.

We need yoga practices that reunite us with our sensual, body-based wisdom.

We must adapt our approach to spirituality to support our flowing moods, fluxing energy levels, hormonal cycles, and ups and downs of life.

We deserve practices that restore our trust in the sacred, heartfelt experience of being alive.

To find peace within ourselves and our lives, we absolutely must stop overriding, controlling, perfecting, hustling and hushing our bodies through our practice … and learn to rest in the ever-changing perfection of all that we are.

Yoga & meditation for women, by women.

Sisters, welcome to The SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training.

Here, we place sacred, embodied femininity back at the heart of yoga & meditation: in our personal practice and our teaching.

Devotion is way sexier (and smarter) than rigid discipline.

We learn to adapt and flow with inner and outer cycles and seasons.

We create the quiet, contemplative spaces needed for true wisdom and healing to arise.

We discern when to push, when to soften, and how to best nurture our bodies and spirits through the shifting seasons of womanhood.

Illuminate your practice. Inspire your community.

DECEMBER 1-8, 2018


An intimate, transformative intensive where you’ll learn to practice and teach yoga & meditation for women.

SHE Yoga & Meditation honors and integrates four levels of being:


  • Attend to female anatomy: physical and subtle
  • Build vitality and stamina in flow/yang yoga
  • Nurture stillness, surrender, and contemplation in yin yoga
  • Adapt practices for PMS, menstruation, pregnancy, peri-menopause, and menopause
  • Restore, heal, and revitalize every system of your body


  • Infuse every mood with loving-kindness
  • End the “war within” by facing your inner critic and other shadow selves
  • Transmute challenging emotions into caring allies
  • Cultivate sisterhood on and off the mat


  • Practice focused, compassionate mindfulness
  • Create thoughtful sequencing and appropriate adjustments
  • Learn to lead others to steady and quiet the mind
  • Study Ayurveda, Chinese meridian theory, and Buddhist psychology, as they pertain to a woman’s heart and life


  • Access your SHE: source your life and teachings from your transpersonal soul-self
  • Cultivate and trust your feminine intuition
  • Embrace the core teachings of Buddhist philosophy to empower intrinsic inner freedom
  • Enjoy Dharma talks and spiritual themes woven throughout practice, and learn to do the same in your own teachings

This training has been by far one of the most beautiful and transformational experiences of my entire life.

Trine Hedegard

Copenhagen, Denmark


It doesn’t matter how many Oms we chant: unless we face our shadows and return yoga to its roots? We’re just bendier spiritual bypassers.

If you’re here, reading this now, you know:
Yoga isn’t about looking effortless in King Pigeon pose.

It isn’t about collecting malas and perfecting that saccharine “yoga teacher voice.”
And it certainly isn’t about posting more pics of you in a sexy bikini, doing handstands on the beach at sunset.

If you’re aching for something deeper.
In your practice … and to share with other women.

Reconnect with what first made you fall in love with yoga.

Disenchanted with the scene?

Allergic to superficial spirituality?

Tired of holding yourself back?

Driven, curious, doubtful, shy, bold, bleeding, imperfect?

Welcome home.

Bring reverence, curiosity, and your deepest intuition to your practice.

… Because yoga isn’t just exercise: it’s an immensely powerful path of healing, self-discovery, and transformation.

It strengthens our life force. It helps us overcome internal and external obstacles.

It supports a more balanced emotional and mental state.

And ultimately, it helps us experience the essential truth and beauty of life — and ourselves — with more presence and poignancy.

An unconventional teacher training and practice intensive… for rebellious & reverent women.

Don’t just learn new things. Learn in a radically different way: feminine, relational, intuitive. From the inside out.

Less boot camp. More meditative, restorative retreat.

I’ve taught and attended plenty of yoga teacher trainings and most are gorged with information yet starved for genuine insight.

Crowded and impersonal.

And so grueling, we all came home exhausted.

But I want you to return home restored, refreshed, revitalized, and aflame.

That’s why the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training is completely different.

It’s intimate: limited to 17 women.

It’s restorative: enjoy a sane schedule with plenty of time for deep sisterhood, sacred solitude, nature walks, and lounging pool-side.

It’s meditative: with regular periods of essential silence so you can integrate the experience and feast on genuine insight.

Become your own Medicine Woman.

I don’t know best. Your inner wisdom — your SHE — does.

Let me guide you to Her, through this integrative practice intensive.

So you can wake up, within your body.

And inspire other women through your life and teaching.

What do you do when your inner child throws a tantrum during savasana?

And where does your sexuality belong, in your sun salutations?

Can you offer your sacred rage and sublime surrender, during practice?

Yes, my dear. Yes!

Face your demons, welcome your wisdom, and experience a grounded, feminine form of yoga and meditation that welcomes all of you: from body to mind to emotions to archetypes and spirit.

Bring Kali to the mat with you. Invoke Kwan Yin through your sweat. Surrender to Aphrodite in your exhale.

But please: don’t teach like me.

I’ll give you everything I’ve got during this training.

But the real teacher is your inner, wise woman. Your SHE.

Your authentic voice, as a teacher, is within you.

SHE makes your teaching magnetic.

SHE inspires your students.

It is Her depth that I will guide you to.

Bless your body fat. Worship your wars. Make love to your failures.

Together, we will open to everything women’s yoga and meditation can offer.

Through deep practice, community, essential silence, and an integrated methodology.

For ourselves … for each other … and in service to the world.

Hello, beautiful.

I’m Sara Avant Stover, and I heard the call to teach yoga to women during my very first yoga class, over 20 years ago. (It was awkward. Tough. I was far from graceful. But I was instantly hooked.)

After that, I dove head-first into rigorous yoga and meditation practices — and while they strengthened and opened my body and spirit, something wasn’t right.

I forced myself to do intense, athletic practices when I was on my cycle (and developed ovarian cysts and sporadic periods). I cultivated strength, flexibility, and focus, but turned a blind eye to my deeper wounds: low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, co-dependency, and a host of other hidden traumas.

Only when I adopted a softer, more feminine and intuitive approach to yoga and meditation could I start to heal on a deeper level — and come home to a more feminine orientation to life.

Each year I discover new layers of healing. That’s why I can never teach the same training twice! My journey of self-discovery is life-long, and I will continue to share my insights along the way.

Everyday I find new ways to honor my intuition so I can strengthen, heal, soften, and evolve. And while my practice draws from a wide variety of sources, it’s always uniquely suited to me. Non-linear, playful, sensual, badass, reverent, effective.

Along the way, I have travelled the world to study closely with some of the greatest yoga teachers on the planet: Richard Freeman, Sofia Diaz, Sarah Powers, Judith Hanson Lasater, Gary Kraftsow, and others. I have studied Kripalu, Ashtanga, Yin, Anusara, restorative, Iyengar, Viniyoga, and more. I assisted countless teacher trainings at Kripalu, learning how to create sacred retreat spaces. I learned women’s Ayurveda from Maya Tiwari and taught yoga to Shanti Mayi and her sangha in Rishikesh. I have also devoted myself to my own, deep psychological healing, Buddhist meditation, and women’s work for the past twenty years.

Eventually, I synthesized my own approach practice and began teaching it. I offered the world’s first women’s yoga teacher training, which I taught in Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, the U.S., and Mexico.

And as my offerings expanded into The Way of the Happy Woman retreats, yoga and meditation were always central to these experiences. Because the women’s yoga there was so unique, women would ask me afterwards: where on earth can I get more of this yoga?? Yet I had nowhere to send them …

Finally, the time is right. I’m ready to share with you the under-the-hood process and methodology of the yoga and meditation I’ve been so devoted to practicing and teaching for nearly 20 years. It’s different. It’s effective. It’s deeply enjoyable. And it will change your life.

I can’t want to share everything I know with you.

With my love and respect,


This community of trust and sacredness was such a gift! I am going to be grateful for it for the rest of my life.

Jessika Fiorillo

Canton, Massachusetts

Settle in for a rich, comprehensive women’s yoga & meditation teacher training.

Strengthen your commitment to your practice and emerge empowered to teach and inspire other women.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover:

Women’s Yin & Flow Yoga (Asana & Sequencing)

  • Explore flow (or “yang”) yoga postures to build stamina, strength, perseverance, fluidity, and steady grace.
  • Surrender into Yin postures to prepare the body for meditation, heal bones, ligaments, and connective tissue, and cultivate receptivity, softness, patience, and letting go.
  • Learn to balance yin and flow styles: when to use each and how to weave them together
  • Partake in breathwork: ujjayi breath, pranayama, kumbhaka, nadi shodhana, and kapalabhati
  • Stimulate healing of organs and balance hormones through Chinese meridian theory and therapy (to support detox, stress, exhaustion, irregular menses, etc.)
  • Attend to female anatomy (physical and subtle): learn alignment, prompts, and adjustments for a woman’s physiology
  • Learn to tailor your practice and teaching for all of a woman’s lunar and life-cycles: how to teach for PMS, menses, pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause.
  • Craft creative, engaging asana sequences, linking postures, breath work, intention, mindfulness, and more.

Emotional, Relational, & Shadow Work

  • Do the deep work needed to transform rigid discipline (or the “feast or famine” cycle) into healthy, discerning devotion
  • Cultivate the fluidity and steady grace that come from moving in synchronization with the breath
  • Abide in loving presence through unpleasant, pleasant, and neutral sensations and emotional, as well as situational, suffering
  • Strengthen equanimity, compassion, honesty, and peacefulness
  • Work with your patterns of perfectionism, judgment, criticism, doubt, self-sabotage, and more to become a stronger, more vulnerable teacher
  • Learn to draw insight from your own life and weave themes facing modern women into your classes (burnout, anxiety, depression, relationships, competitiveness, self-worth, body image issues, etc.)
  • Balance your energy output in the teacher/student relationship
  • Learn subtle and practical ways to inspire your students to express their highest potentials

Philosophical & Mental Training

  • Focus and deepen your awareness through mindfulness training, meditation, and visualization — with an emphasis on how to instruct others
  • Explore Buddhist psychology and emotional maturity
  • Learn energy anatomy (chakras, nadis, bandhas) to support the subtle and etheric bodies
  • Learn Ayurvedic concepts and practices to help you and your students heal, balance, and harmonize with the seasons and one’s constitution
  • Integrate yogic and Chinese meridian theories in your teaching to support subtle body anatomy
  • Cultivate presence and compassionate, open-hearted listening (with healthy boundaries)

SHE Dharma

  • Practice meditation and periods of essential silence daily (and for a longer stretch, mid-training) to sink into your intuition and integrate your experiences
  • Learn to create safe ritual spaces
  • Create sacred bookends to practices through intentions and dedications
  • Honor and cultivate your intuition through your practice
  • Invoke and strengthen your connection with feminine archetypes through your practice: Kali, Aphrodite, Athena, Tara, Saraswati, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and on and on …
  • Support other women in accessing, trusting, and living from their authentic feminine power
  • Develop sacred confidence, own your voice, and clarify your dharma (life-purpose)

I learned to trust my intuition and my deeper, feminine self.

Donna Nisha Cohen

Stone Ridge, NY

Sample Daily Schedule

Over this week-long intensive, we will incorporate all of the elements needed to deepen your practice and teaching: meditation, essential silence, relational and emotional work, vibrant and restorative embodiment, theory and mental training, rest, and celebration.

Here’s a sample schedule (subject to change):

6:30 – 7: Self-Led Flow Yoga

7 – 7:30: Meditation

7:30 – 8:30: Breakfast

9 – 12: Program Session

12 – 2: Lunch

2 – 2:30: Meditation

2:30 – 5:30: Program Session

5:30-6: Self-Led Yin Yoga

6 – 7: Dinner

7:30 – 8:15: Meditation

We will observe essential silence from the evening meal until the following morning’s program session on days 1, 2, and 6. Days 4 – 6 are in essential silence.

This is an 80-hour Yoga Alliance training, so attendance in the entire program is required (please plan your time and travel to not miss any of the sessions).

Note: The registration process for this Teacher Training will require you to complete a questionnaire, after you have registered.

Study & Reading

You will be required to read the books and view the DVDs assigned for this training before your arrival. This self-study is an important part of the training, so please order the materials upon registration so you have ample time to read/view them before the training begins.

You will also be asked to write a 2-3 page paper on what you learned in the training upon completion of the course for assessment.

A training manual will also be handed out on the first day of the program

Everyone will also be required to bring Sara’s books The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE to the retreat.

Required reading and viewing:

The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover
The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover
The Woman’s Yoga Book by Bobby Clennell
Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers
Insight Yoga (DVD) by Sarah Powers
A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield

Suggested reading and viewing:

Prenatal Vinyasa & Short Forms by Jennifer More and Doug Swenson
The Path of Practice by Maya Tiwari
Anatomy for Yoga (DVD) by Paul Grilley
Yin Yoga (DVD) by Paul Grilley

A woman finds her power in her stillness and her silence.

As women devoted to our spiritual journeys, we need plenty of time alone for rest, integration, and reflection.

Yet we also wake up together, in community.

Experience a balance of solitude and sisterhood here, so you can take a deep dive into your own practice — and learn how to better contribute to and lean on your community.

Who is SHE?

Some call her Sophia. Others call her Kuan Yin, Mary, Pachamama, Buffalo Woman, Grandmother Spider, Isis, Shakti, the Mother.

She’s the sparkle in your eyes, the wind weaving through trees, the leap of your dog through the hills outside.

She’s the very breath you’re breathing right now. The roll of thunder outside.

The pulsation in your body that you’ve grown numb to. The blood in your underwear, the bloat in your belly.

Every woman has Her, within. But not every woman finds Her.

SHE’s the one who won’t let you hide anymore.

SHE lives inside you as your most sacred inner knowing, even when you ignore Her.

SHE’s the one who draws in anything and everything that’s both good and deplorable about your life.

SHE’s your expansion and your contraction, your love and your hate.

SHE’s everywhere because SHE’s everything.

And yet, SHE’s so subtle that you could miss Her. Most of us do.

SHE seems unpredictable, but there’s great wisdom to Her grace. SHE’s a trickster, with a wicked sense of humor.

SHE won’t let you fall asleep to the song of your soul.

SHE doesn’t care if you’re uncomfortable, SHE only cares that you wake up to the truth of who you are.

SHE’s an unconventional compass by which to navigate life.

SHE’s a genius, here to lead you home to yours.

When you heal your relationship with Her, you heal your relationship with all of life.

Things don’t become perfect — but you access the imperturbable wisdom and equanimity to blaze forward, inspiring others as you go.

Your voice rings out, clear and true.

Self-doubt melts away … and that which is most important takes center stage.

Yoga and meditation bring you closer to Her. But simply practicing? Doesn’t guarantee you access.

In fact, drill-sergeant style, over-hyped and masculine styles of practice can muffle Her voice.

SHE yoga and meditation are designed to bring you home to Her.

So you can experience the awakening, empowered joy you’re destined for in this life … and guide other women home to their own hearts.

What to expect …

  • Rekindle your passion, playfulness, creativity, joy, and love for meditation & yoga.
  • Develop a daily practice that best support your body, lifestyle, and temperament.
  • Stop running roughshod over your feminine anatomy, heart, needs, and spirit … and learn to practice and teach yoga in a way that best supports women’s embodied awakening.
  • Transform those inner voices of criticism, judgment, perfectionism, and self-doubt into revitalizing allies along your path.
  • Find your voice as a teacher. (This only happens when you turn within and deepen your practice.)
  • Set clear, compassionate boundaries in your life, and with your students. Keep your heart open … while protecting your limits.
  • Discover how to inspire others even when you’re not a shiny-happy-perfect person, all the time. (This is actually a good thing!)
  • Bring more vibrancy, creativity, and depth to your teaching.
  • Manage your energy and learn how to teach when you’re spun out, exhausted, and running on fumes.
  • Experience a more feminine approach to meditation.
  • Learn to discern the best practice for you: when to push through resistance, when to ease up, and how to support other women in finding their own right balance.
  • Celebrate the relational, interpersonal aspects of waking up as a woman through kindred, supportive, non-catty sisterhood.
  • Drop deeply into your inner wisdom … so SHE can guide the way.
  • Strengthen your focus and confidence as a teacher.
  • Feel pampered, rested, challenged, and revitalized.
  • Open your body, open your mind, open your heart … and let your SHE flow through you, stronger than ever.

Our venue:

Shambala Petit Hotel


Simply put, Tulum is magic.

An ancient stretch of paradise where a azure water laps against white sands, graced by palm trees and gentle breezes. Tropical daytime highs and mild nights under a blanket of stars combine to create a powerful and restful setting, where you can go deep into your practice, body, and insight. Where you can restore your (most likely somewhat depleted) Yin and Feminine reserves.

Shambala Petit Hotel is nestled right alongside the beach, so close that the sounds of the ocean will lull you to sleep every night and sand beneath your feet will greet you for your morning meditation. You will rest, play, and practice alongside the ancient spirits and restorative yin energy of one of the world’s most exquisite natural retreat spaces.

Food is “from the market to table”, and provided by chefs Adriana & Antonio. Their love for the regional dishes of Mexico comes through in the food you will receive, and for those who are interested, they are happy to open their kitchen and their hearts to share all the secrets of their homeland’s cuisine.

A pristine environment, conscious and lovingly prepared food, water and sand, mild days and nights, and one of the most powerful and insightful teacher trainings offered anywhere in the world.

Getting There:

Participants will fly into Cancun International Airport and can travel by a private taxi (about a 1-hour drive) to Shambala Petit Hotel.


You will be staying literally a few yards from the white sands of the ocean, where the sounds of gentle waves lap at the shore. While each cabana is a little different, each one offers minimalist, elegant decor, warm colors, and sliding French doors that open out to the sea. White curtains give you privacy but allow the ocean breeze to wash over your skin while sleeping, resting, or just relaxing.

Due to the quaint size of this resort, which we’ll have all to ourselves for the week, (there are only 10 total cabanas for all of us — we told you this was an intimate training!), there will be no private rooms available. However, each cabana has ample room in it for two women, and 8 cabanas have private bathrooms. The two cabanas that share a bathroom are also very roomy, and the shared bathroom is very close. Lodgings will be registered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

No matter which cabana you find yourself in, you’ll be enjoying private patios, stunning views, and shade provided by natural palm trees.


Travel to Mexico can cause worry about safety, given the problems the country is facing. Tulum, Mexico has been reported as consistently very safe by the US State Department. The Yucatan Peninsula is far removed from the gang violence engulfing major cities, and there have been few reports of any violence whatsoever. Get more information here.


The food at the Shambala Petit Hotel is first-class, prepared by executive chefs Adriana & Antonio. You will receive three gourmet meals each day, provided to exacting standards and pulling from all the very best and finest of local cuisine.

The water here is privately filtered, so that tap and shower water are 100% safe to drink and use at your leisure. Bottled water is available for any woman who would prefer it.

What’s Included:

  • 7 nights, 6 days at the exclusive, beautiful Shambhala Petit Hotel
  • Shared (double) cabanas or single cabana right on the beach
  • Three healthy, delicious meals (cooked with love) each day. (Dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day)
  • Seven days of yoga, meditation, and SHE dharma practice and teaching methodology with Sara
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Course manual
  • One-of-a-kind daily course content
  • A discounted invitation to become a licensed The Way of the Happy Woman® teacher after the retreat, to lead workshops in your own community

* Airfare, airport transfers, and spa treatments are not included.

Your spot in this magical land, for this one-of-a-kind training, awaits you.

Questions? We’ve got you covered.

Read our FAQ’s here.

Just DO IT!

Kate Walker

Brisbane, Australia

About Sara Avant Stover

Sara Avant Stover, a teacher of feminine spirituality and empowerment, yoga and meditation instructor, bestselling author, and inspirational speaker, is the founder of The Way of the Happy Woman: a worldwide community based on the teachings and practices in her bestselling books, The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE.

As creator of the world’s first Women’s Yoga Teacher Training, the online program Reversing Our “Curse,” and The SHE School, Sara has taught tens of thousands of women worldwide. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, the Huffington Post, Newsweek, and Natural Health and on ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Sara’s teachings, writings, programs, and communities support women of all ages to trust and live from their inner wisdom.

As Seen In:

Is the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training right for you?

This is an intimate, integrative teacher training and practice intensive, limited to 28 women. While I strongly believe every woman can benefit from SHE Yoga & Meditation, this isn’t the training for every woman — and I’m not the teacher for every woman. (This is a beautiful thing to discern.)

The SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training will be wonderful for you if:

  • You have at least two years’ experience in yoga. This isn’t for beginners. If you have already completed a yoga teacher training, that’s wonderful — though not required.
  • You have some experience with meditation — or are open to it. Many yoga teacher trainings skip the meditation component, but not this one. Mindfulness meditation will be our foundation.
  • You have read my books and are familiar with my work. You don’t need to have participated in a program with me before, but you are required to have read both of my books before attending: The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE.
  • You are open to vulnerable depth work. Shadow work, emotional maturity, and Buddhist psychology are essential to practicing and teaching SHE yoga & meditation.
  • You don’t need to be anonymous. Many yoga teacher trainings are so crowded, it’s possible to arrive at the end without any individualized instruction. Not this one. Our training is intimate: limited to 28 women. While we are certainly introvert-friendly (by design), personalized teachings and community practice are also emphasized.
  • You’re open to contemplative silence. Some portions of each day, as well as a longer stretch mid-retreat will be spent in essential silence (speaking only when completely necessary). This is an opportunity to settle into a meditative, mindful, intuitive depth.
  • You feel called to working with women. This is a yoga & meditation teacher training by women, for women, with women. While you don’t need to want to exclusively teach women afterwards, it’s important that you find some value in women-centric, feminine practice, if only in your own life.

The SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training is NOT for you if:

  • You want a yoga vacation. This is an immersion into yourself, with qualifying hours for the Yoga Alliance. For these reasons, there are no “free” days or evenings. Please plan on arriving early or staying later if you want more downtime or and/or to go sightseeing.
  • You are ONLY interested in masculine, power, sweaty, athletic, “yang”-style yoga. While this is an essential component of women’s yoga, and we will practice and learn to teach aspects of it, it is only one aspect of this training — and not the emphasis.
  • You are NOT interested in doing your own inner work. There are plenty of other yoga teacher trainings where you can learn the skills and techniques to be proficient in anatomy and alignment. SHE Yoga & Meditation goes far beyond the physical. Emotional and shadow work are essential components. And I believe the best teachers delve the deepest into their own practice- and psyches.
  • You don’t like my teachings. I’m not the teacher for everyone — no teacher is. If you don’t resonate with my writings, energy, personality, and teachings, I encourage you to find a teacher you will love studying with.
  • You need a 200-hour Yoga Alliance training, NOW! The 80-hours from teacher training can go towards a 500-hour YA certification with us. If you already have this — wonderful, please join us. If you don’t already have this — wonderful, please join us … and if you feel called afterwards to pursue your YA certification, this training will provide a gorgeous foundation for you to become a highly qualified teacher, through further studies, practice, and teaching with us over time (read our FAQ for more details about our 500-hour YA requirements).

How The SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training is different

We are fortunate to live in an age where there are many yoga teacher trainings to choose from. I believe it is important to drop into your wise heart — your SHE — and discern which training will best suit your dreams, your temperament, and your calling. This will be a unique experience because:

  • This is exclusively for women, focused first and foremost on women’s yoga, meditation, and spirituality. You will learn to practice and teach a decidedly feminine style of yoga and meditation. We will explore women’s anatomy, cycles, spiritual journeys, and more. How you integrate this into your life and teaching is up to you, of course.
  • Our yoga integrates many different styles for a woman’s needs. Most yoga teacher trainings focus on one specific style or lineage of yoga: Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, etc. SHE Yoga integrates many different styles and techniques, including Iyengar and Ashtanga-inspired poses and sequences, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and more.
  • We focus on meditation, too not just yoga. One of yoga’s main purposes (and benefits) is as preparation for seated meditation — yet the majority of yoga teacher trainings and classes today ignore this important practice. You will practice mindfulness meditation and learn to teach it.
  • We delve into emotional and shadow work. Yoga and meditation are external and internal technologies for healing, self-discovery, and transformation. Together, we will create a safe space for the often challenging emotional elements of this journey, so you can stop sabotaging yourself— and empower your students to express their highest potential.
  • We welcome a wide swath of ages, backgrounds, and levels of proficiency. SHE Yoga & Meditation are for every woman, from maiden to queen to crone, from every religious and spiritual lineage, from every country across the globe. Expect a multi-generational, eclectic sisterhood … and expect to learn a lot from the variety of perspectives gathered together.
  • No mat is an island. Women are wired for connection — including in our spiritual practices. We will create a collaborative container for learning, growth, challenge, and support, on and off the mat.

Ready for a Recap?


The SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training is an intimate, intensive, unconventional week-long immersion for women.


The teacher training is December 1-8, 2018. Early registration (including a $200 discount and two bonus gifts) ends on June 18, 2018. Regular registration ends on June 28.


The Shambala Petit Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.


For women with at least 2 years’ experience with yoga and an openness to meditation and inner work. For women interested in deepening their own practice of yoga and meditation, women’s work, and emotional maturity. For yoga teachers and women interested in working with women — or simply in better understanding themselves as women. For women interested in taking the first step towards becoming certified to lead The Way of the Happy Woman retreats.

How much:

Between $3297-$4297. 4-part payment plans are also available, as well as a $200 early registration discount when you join us by June 18.


Because your SHE is whispering, singing, or shouting at you, YES. Because your practice needs a boost and deserves a deep dive. Because you are ready to empower and inspire other women.

Hand on heart. Deep breath. Turn in and listen.

Is SHE saying “Yes”?

Your Investment in Yourself


One-time payment of $3,497 


One-time payment of $4,297


Have questions? Find your answers here.

Having problems with your order? Email us here.

Read our Terms & Conditions.

Our No-Refund Policy

As Zen master Suzuki Roshi wrote in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, the spiritual path is like getting on to a train that you cannot get off of. You must ride it all the way until the end. If you leave early, the unfinished business you have left behind will haunt you incessantly.

Also, putting on a live event like this requires considerable up-front non-refundable costs at our end.

This is why we need women to register early, and this is why we then cannot refund your money, for any reason.

You may, however, transfer your payment to a friend for a $250 administrative fee (as long as it’s done no later than 60 days before the start of the program).

Again: we offer no refunds, for any reason. This also includes no premature stopping or adjusting of payment plans (for any reason).

Your Investment in Yourself


One-time payment of $3,497 


One-time payment of $4,297


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The sacred feminine is waking up all over the world.

Let’s claim our sacred responsibility … and do our part.

Let’s open our hearts, open our bodies, and open our lives to let Her in.

Let’s stop overriding Her wisdom through the very yogic and meditative practices SHE is struggling to reach us through.

Let’s get vulnerable, turn within, and let Her lead.

Let’s do our own work — so we can support other women
in doing theirs.

Let’s stop wondering where the great women’s work
is — and start creating our own.

Let’s get brave, get messy, get real, get soft, and
get bold.

Let’s come together.

As women.

As sisters.

In sacred, reverent rebellion.

Let’s heal, transform, and wake up … together.

For our sake. And the sake of the world.


What women from past intensives are saying:

This experience has been incredibly rejuvenating and deeply expansive for my practice. I loved the emphasis on meditation practice. There are so many trainings out there and, in my experience, most of them downplay the meditation piece. So glad that was so strong here.

Sara brings forth years and years of dedicated and devoted practice that’s invaluable to the female practitioner. It’s a blend of rigor and joy. A not to be missing experience!

As a result of this experience, I’m rewriting the script of how I practice, learning how to seduce my practice rather than force my practice.

This was a deep gift to my soul. Thank you for doing the work to create this.

I love you! Thank you for making this program above the board available and FUN! I loved seeing you in your element.

Jennifer Racioppi

Astrologer & Women’s Success Coach; New York, USA

This experience has been like coming home. As someone who leads women’s yoga classes, I realized how alone I have felt in the yoga world. Finding a spiritual community doing yoga and practicing feminine spirituality made me realize I am not alone and gave me strength to keep getting louder about the work I do.

As a busy mom and business owner, I don’t get much silence or space to be quiet on my own. The build-in essential silence felt like heaven to me and helped me hear my true voice for the first time in a long time.

I really got that I am my own authority. I don’t need a guru or a masculine lineage of yoga to deepen into myself.

Just very grateful you are doing your work. You have inspired me to keep getting louder about my work and to seek out more women’s yoga teachers/leaders in my community.

Michelle Long

Owner of Bloom Retreat and The Practice for Women; Walnut Creek, CA

It has been a deep, scary, and beautiful journey into the depths of my mind and soul through yoga, silence, and stillness. A magical trip to regain my sovereignty just as I am, in this moment. Led in a feminine, joyful, and wise way, honoring all that we are. Plus beautiful surroundings and amazing food.

Thank you Sara, for your loving support, and for the structure and the love and honesty you put into your work. Infinite gratitude for this week!

Mariana Morales

Architect; Mexico City, Mexico

This was a great experience to practice with so many beautiful women. I had many insights during my time here and appreciate the safe atmosphere of our sisterhood circle. I would definitely do this again.

There is a good balance between time together and time on your own, for reflecting on your experiences. The teachings Sara is offering are super helpful and full of feminine wisdom. It helps you to calm down and connect to your inner voice and listen to your intuition.

I didn’t know why I cam here. I just followed my inner voice who was telling me to do this retreat. Now I know that I had to come here to find the life that I really want to life and find my voice as a woman in our society.

Thank you for everything! I’m glad to be a part of this circle.

Hannah Reuter


This teacher training provided a deepening into yoga practice and teaching in a lineage informed by women’s wisdom. I walk away deeply changed in relationship to my path as a leader, as a yogini, and as a yoga teacher. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn, share, and grow in the company of wise and powerful women.

This is a deeply nourishing, recharging experience while also being rigorous and disciplined. You will stretch, grow, and bloom in ways you can’t even imagine.

I dropped into my own feminine wisdom and a connection with the Divine Feminine in profoundly transformative ways.

Deep gratitude for this enlivening, empowering, and stretching opportunity.

Kate Willink

Associate Professor; Wheat Ridge, CO

This is amazing and life changing! If you have a desire to wake up to the life you were meant to live and need guidance on how to do that, this is for you. I love the mix of yoga and meditation– beautiful!

It has been rejuvenating, informative, and inspiring. I felt held in all ways emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I feel inspired and confident that weaving these practices in my life is not only personally, but professionally, is crucial for my spiritual growth. I feel more in touch with my power as a female.

Brandy Martin

Psychotherapist; Thornton, CO

It’s been a great reset to get to know myself on a deeper level. I’m really charged up with lots of tools, techniques, and resources for living a more SHE-Centered Life. I got to know deeper parts of myself.

This is a way to discover hidden parts of yourself, to transform and deepen. It’s such a great way to start over.

I’ve fallen in love with yoga again and have embraced my sensuality.

Rebecca Wissman

Yacht Stewardess and Massage Therapist; Sweden

This has been a beautiful experience of not only deepening my yoga practice but feeling truly empowered to be creative in my yoga practice while tuning into my body/mind/emotion/spirit’s needs.

I loved doing this retreat amongst such an amazing group of women. It was such a nurturing and inspiring environment to not only learn many of Sara’s insightful teachings, but also to dive within. After this retreat, I feel refreshed and revitalized and also brimming with new tools and insights.

While participating in Sara’s online programs is both education and powerful, I must say that receiving Sara’s teachings in person, living out the practices throughout the week, and experiencing this community of women has helped me directly embody these teachings in my life.

Julia Berryman

Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing; Los Angeles, CA

This was not only a teacher training, but also an opportunity to dive deeply into myself. Surrounded by beauty, nature, and other like-minded women, I felt the exhale that I have been longing for and the permission to just be me.

I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training before, but with so many “rules.” I always felt intimidated that I would “mess up” while teaching others. I now feel more empowered to go out and serve simply as myself and support women to also trust herself/themselves.

Sara creates a very nurturing environment and safe space to rest, but also truly integrate her teachings. Surrounded by days of silence, I was able to shed some armor and relax back into myself. This training was a gentle nudge to push me to really embody my dreams and give me the confidence to teach in a more feminine way.

The biggest result I’ve experienced is acceptance of myself and situations. My life is OK! Mostly a change of perception for me. I am who I am, and while I strove to grow and continue to evolve, I don’t need to change who I am at my core. My voice matters. I just need to use that voice and speak up for my SHE more. I am not a victim and what I have to offer the world is beautiful.

Mallory Griffiths

Lancaster, PA

This experience is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I’ve felt that this week has been a cocoon for deep, inner reflection and silence, and I’m emerging with new insights, compassion for myself, and a sense of community with my fellow sisters.

It really is a container for deep connection– with yourself and with other women. Sara and team have created a thoughtful and meaningful balance of silence and sharing, of alone time and communal time. It has been amazing!

I thought everything was very thoughtfully and meaningfully prepared– the schedule, flow of the week, and content. The location is beautiful and really supported the entire experience!

Courtney Leestma

Petoskey, Michigan

This is a place to deeply connect with myself, to contact the truth and wisdom that live within me, and to gain the tools to work with my mind, body, heart, and soul.

For women, it is so essential to have the time to retreat, to connect with our bodies, our wisdom, and our feminine essence.

Wendy Dowling

Yoga Teacher; Holland

This experience has provided a structure for me to see myself more clearly. I have compassion for myself and feel save to love and learn deeply about my needs. I find learning in circle to be doubly powerful. Often what I can’t quite articulate myself I hear spoken by another woman.

This is such a rich place of learning about our own feminine natures– our own particular and unique flavors– in the safety and holding of a women’s practice community. I have deepened my understanding of my needs.

As a result of this, I’m taking myself and my practice seriously.

Belinda Gross

Victoria, Australia

This has been a deeply moving and powerful experience. Sara provides a stable and grounded container, rich in wisdom that creates a feeling of safety while exploring deep inner “material.”

This program has taken all the guesswork out of home practice, giving a real, relatable structure, while honoring each woman’s intuition and ability to lead their own practice in a way that truly honors her body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Kerri Neild

Yoga Teacher; British Columbia, Canada

This experience has been a respite from everyday life and a sacred container to foster growth and insight. Challenging, edgy, and transformative, I feel inspired to take much better care of myself. Plus, my daily practice has been strengthened, stretched, and rekindled.

This is spiritual work that demands a community of women to hold and support you. Even the most seasoned of practitioners cannot do this work alone and expect the immense benefits of being in a community.

This training has rekindled my love and excitement for this work. Working with my resistance (instead of fighting against it), has been the most transformative thing for me.

Don’t assume that just because you’ve done something like this that it will all be the same. I receive something different every time I work with Sara.

Jobie Lay

Seattle, WA

Insightful, reviving, joyful connection to women’s tribe within a safe container.

This training brought structure to my home practice and more connection to all dimensions of my being. I have a vision for my life at a bigger scaled now to serve.

I regained my inner strength and feminine power. This is more than yin and flow yoga–it is a life path.”

Olga Isgmagilova

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just take a leap of faith, jump in and do it!

You will be challenged yet supported, you will connect in the most unique ways with like-minded ladies and they will hold your hands as you finally get to meet “YOU”!

The overall experience has definitely set me on the path to a life transformation. I have been given bags of tools to finally start committing to myself. I feel like I can finally walk the talk, knowing that I am not alone in this journey. I have reached a deeper listening to my own voice and am looking forward to finding its place in the world.”

Lotus Baker

Miami, Florida

“This experience has been shedding layers of untruths to get to my ripe, juicy center of myself.

Give yourself this gift of being held in a safe container of the feminine to dive deep, be challenged, let go, and heal.”

Rhonda Barnhill

Virginia, USA

“It has been an amazing mixture of exhilaration, joy, trepidation, challenge, exhaustion and invigoration.

While it is a great model and resource for yoga teachers, it is also a wonderful experience to facilitate personal growth. And yes, it also functions as a retreat!”

Patricia Armstrong

Queensland, Australia

“This has been a safe container to connect with & explore my feminine wisdom and rediscover my body.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to heal, be nurtured, be challenged and to allow your SHE to grow and blossom. You are reminded to trust this inner feminine wisdom and find what brings you joy.”

Katrina Bell

Victoria, Australia

“Eye-opening and insightful. Every woman owes it to herself to experience a retreat such as this. It is something I will encourage my daughter to attend.

This training gave me the opportunity to step out of my daily routine to take the time to honor just how far I have come. I now recognize how much I enjoy the support and love of like-minded women.

The earlier in life that a woman gets these tools, the better equipped she is. Life happens. It’s how we respond to it that matters.”

Jane McCarthy

Virginia, USA

“I have gained a new understanding of what women’s yoga means. It has brought me to reconnect with myself, my intuition and my feminine energy.

This retreat has made me want to step up and be a leader to women in my world. The days of being silent has hidden treasures. It’s like brewing tea…ideas, inner voice, joy–these things aren’t accessible being silent for 2 minutes. It takes time. I am refreshed, renewed and inspired.”

Kirralie Dillon

New South Wales, Australia

“If you hear the calling, even if it is a whisper–GO. Uplifting and transformational.

This training has re-ignited my passion to the deep wisdom and transformative power of yoga & meditation. It provided an amazing deep dive into the divine feminine. It has helped to provide the next step to my service.”

Melissa Eastwood

Melbourne, Australia

“This retreat has been profoundly healing & deeply insightful in every way. I’ve literally gone from darkness to light. I was on the brink of dawn. This program led me into it.

It’s absolutely essential for all women to come together like this for deep practice for the betterment of the world. And the best benefit is the profound inner peace it engenders.”

Katy Jane

Massachusetts, USA

“Joyful, powerful, trust-building in my skills. When it come to teaching women’s yoga, there’s really no one better than Sara! Her style is both nurturing and empowering. She’s a fierce mama-bear that encourages you to blossom into who you are!

I feel this has been my biggest initiation into leadership up until now, for it I built more trust in myself.

Corinne Konrad


This has been a time of deep rejuvenation, connection with myself, nature, my SHE, and other beautiful women. I felt nurtured and supported.

It was just the right amount of challenge and stretching my edges, with lots of time for integration and contemplation. I have reconnected with what matters most to me, and have learned to truly listen to and honor myself. My life will never be the same again. Thank you, Sara. Your work has profoundly changed my life!

I was an absolute YES to this program from the start….if you are too, just do it. Your resistance and fear will be lovingly held here.

Julia Forberg

Psychotherapist; San Francisco, CA

As a woman approaching menopause, this experience has been a profound initiation into true feminine power. It has been invaluable training as I head into the second half of my life!

This program, in all aspects, was outstanding. I feel a reconnection to my own life force. I have a more inspired and vibrant image of what my life will be like. It caused me to challenge many of my own limiting beliefs about what it means to age.

Lisa Brown


If you have been longing to feel whole and home, and if you are ready to face and embrace your fears, this retreat will do the trick!

Sara has the wonderful gift to lead us– a group of women– through the tides, waves, and storms, but also the calm sees of our existence. All of these are stored in our own bodies.

Marisa Marolda

Lausaunne, Switzerland

This has been one of the most challenging experience of recent years…and yet one of the most rewarding.

Sara provided a safe container to let go of old stories, go to the edge, dive deep, and discover my SHE. This retreat offered me the opportunity to completely disconnect from the day-to-day grind and from technology– an invaluable gift. Sara’s guidance the energy of the other women present was something I will never forget.

Beth Gillespie

San Francisco, CA

An amazing journey! To meet myself…in the company of sisterhood!

It is an investment to enrich the soul, uplift the heart, and awaken the body, mind and spirit.

Roberta Dittoe

Fort Mitchell, KY

You must do it! It is your sacred duty.

I am walking away with a sense of joy I didn’t think was possible. I LOVED all the sessions. The clarity, strength, and safety of the container Sara created and held for us cannot be described with words. It allowed me to dig deeply into the inner work that I didn’t even know needed to be done. This time has been a gift to myself and everyone else in my life.

Francesca Cervero

Washington, D.C.

A transformational journey to the underworld and back again…with unexpected surprises!

This was a true game-changer for me and exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Every teaching was perfect and I felt fully supported the entire time.

Michelle Neyers

Edgewater, MD

Be prepared for the journey of your life!

I have softened. I have become more playful. I am not going to take myself too seriously!

Claire Edwards

Hong Kong

I can hear and feel myself, for the first time, as an adult. Every part of me is awake and my heart is beating loudly…I am alive. I am here. I am alive!

Jenny Kenlon

Astoria, NY

Transformative, empowering, clarifying, energizing, heart opening….

I feel this experience has helped me locate and access parts of myself (dark & light) that have been obscured or overlooked. I have brought them to the surface not, to be seen, felt, and healed.

Sonja Carey

Hood River, OR

I found my vulnerability and softness, which enable me to be more open and loving, yet also fun and light-hearted.

Sylvia Chuah

Hong Kong

Feminine spirituality at its best!!

This retreat is a kick in the ass! It’s intense, integrating ALL of what it means to be a modern woman, the light and the dark.

It’s led by a woman who walks her talk, transmitting from her deep inner truth. I leave full of juiciness and vibrancy. I feel alive with all of my inner voices aligned.

Trine Hedegaard

Copenhagen, Denmark

Liberating for the spirit and nourishment for the soul!

If there is any part of this retreat information that awakens the smallest bit of curiosity, listen to that voice and honor it. This has brought me a huge sense of satisfaction and joy. I’m letting go of what does not serve my SHE.

Mandi Dean

Cambridge, MA

This was exactly what I needed to take the next beset steps in my inner and outer life. Toss your agenda and expect the unexpected!

Brigitte Amsberg

Pendleton, OR

This has been deeply nourishing. A powerful reminder of how to be and to breathe new appreciation and acceptance into all parts of my life.

This is the antidote to a common teacher training. It’s more of a retreat than a teacher training. This is for you whether you need to spark your personal practice or want to share the power of an intuitive feminine practice with women in your community.

I’ve been brought home to my true nature and received wisdom reminders of how to continue to find my way home.

Faith Davis

Massage Therapist, Postpartum Doula, Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO

I have a deeper understanding and honoring of all parts of myself. My inner trust has deepened.

I truly loved every aspect of this experience. I felt held and supported through the entire process. I feel connected, honored, sacred, a deeper connection with Self.

Willow Anne Meili

Boulder, CO

This training has increased my knowledge and skill set 10-fold for leading women in a personal practice. My body, heart, and mind have been stretched in all directions and I am inspired to share what I have learned.

This is not a typical training program where the facilitator tells you what to do. Instead, the women are guided by Sara and the other women to deepen into their own wisdom– then we applied our wisdom to the yoga and meditation tools.

I have dropped into a stronger relationship with Mother and Father love. I understand how to blend the two in terms of wisdom and guidance and can feel that I have a solid container to lean into for my practice of life.

This has been really powerful– even the journey of getting to the training (as there were many months between signing up and arriving) were transformative.

Deb Dawson-Dunn

Certified Coach; Manitoba, Canada

The time in sacred sister circle fills a deep well of connection and belonging that each woman needs in her life. Sharing practice time, beauty, honoring, and cherishing our journeys is a healing balm and a gift.

At this retreat, you will drop deeply into your own feminine, curvy, luscious body, and listen to her longing, let her express her deepest wisdom through all of you.

My heart is more open and available to all of my experience. I feel empowered to step into my sacred self and worth.

Thank you for the opportunity to find my practice in my aging, limited woman’s body, with sacred structure and encouragement to meet myself at my edge.

Katy Taylor

St. Paul, MN

Don’t think, just do. This exceeded my expectations on every level.

It was a beautiful week of honesty, openness, community, and growth. I didn’t expect all this retreat had in store for us, but it exceeded my expectations on every level. Before I came, I felt like I was losing myself in all the hard work of running my business. This retreat has re-inspired me. It has given me the gift of knowing who I am, without needing validation from my business or anyone else. I’ve let go of resistance. I’m more settled in just being. The more women that learn this way of leadership, the more we can “be the change”, the more we will see the transformation. That will change the world around us and more importantly within us.

Megan Campbell

Ottowa, Ontario; Canada

I finally gave myself permission to take care of me and my sanity for the sake of me and my family. So, if you feel the call to do it, there are no obstacles aside from your excuses.

I almost didn’t come because I had to find someone to take care of my three children (6, 4, 2). Now, I’m truly grateful for this experience and for the opportunity to put a physical presence to Sara and the other Red Tent members. Sara, you are the most gifted and inspiring teacher to guide us on this path. Thank you from my belly and heart.

Stephanie Murphy

from Peoria, IL (lives in Milano, Italy)

“The retreat allowed me to connect with my ‘SHE’ and to be vulnerable and unafraid to speak my truth as a woman.”

I decided to sign up for this, despite the cost and my family’s needs, because my life is short and I am worth it. I know that I cannot wait any longer. This was life-changing. It pushed me to my edge, and it was so safe and empowering.

Jane Reynolds


“The experience is indescribable.”

Each woman has her own, very unique journey which is right, true and necessary for her. There is no ‘type’ of woman best suited for this retreat, rather each who comes, takes or gives what she needs and is right for her her.

Alli Smith

Fort Mill, South Carolina

If you have even the slightest suspicion or intuition that you need this retreat, you probably do.

I found that I really needed the nurturing medicine of Thailand, on top of the retreat’s gifts. You will be transformed, and you will gain a community of soul sisters to support you on your path. I learned to love, value, and listen to all parts of myself: the light and the dark.

Kimberly Porteous

Sydney, Australia

This retreat gives you the tools to cope with the challenges of the real world.

It was a great way to stop and re-access. A chance to reset.

Sandra Harrison

Sydney, Australia

I knew it was right and good for me to spend the money and leave my kids during this time.

It was healing and empowering, amidst a wonderful group of women.

Amber Munck

Vacaville, CA

This retreat helps you feel better about yourself.

In a very safe and supportive environment, you can be your real self. I reconciled the parts of myself that I have denied and forgotten. I now have resources to use and support to draw on in the future.

Kelly O’Neill


This retreat helps you feel better about yourself.

This is a true pilgrimage that has the possibility to shift one’s life in ways one could only hope for an in ways one could never have imagined.

I have defined my ‘niche’ within my true calling. My vessel has been emptied to allow for new experiences, challenges, love and purpose to more easily flow into my life.

Christine Jefferson

Hartsale, NY

If you want to truly embrace and explore all layers of yourself, your truly authentic self, with a teacher who ‘walks her talk,’ look no further than the SHE Retreat. EVERY goddess deserves this retreat!

Taylor Khoury

Amarillo, TX

Sisters, it would be my honor to walk beside you on this path.

My own life has been radically transformed by the teachings I will share with you … and I can’t wait for you to integrate them, heal from them, and teach them to the women in your communities.

I am aflame for this work, so you will get the very best of me over this week: in focused teachings and sisterly support; in profound shifts and pragmatic tools; in mentoring, embodied wisdom teachings. And love. Lots and lots of love.

Your Investment in Yourself


One-time payment of $3,497 


One-time payment of $4,297


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Having problems with your order? Email us here.

Read our Terms & Conditions.

DO IT! A rite of passage for every woman, no matter what age.

Maya Moore


We can’t wait to welcome you home.



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